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V1 Game Breakout: Driving Distance

V1 Game Breakout: Driving Distance

If you wanted to get better right now, where would you start? If you’re like 90% of golfers, you’re not sure. Tour players start by analyzing ShotLink data, which is captured by hundreds of volunteers at every tournament. Now you can get this same tour-level statistics and analytics on your game using the V1 Game app. The V1 Game app turns your phone or Apple watch into your own personal golf coach. It automatically tracks and records every shot you hit, then guides you to the exact area of your game you should practice first. That will make the biggest impact on what you care about most: IMPROVEMENT. The best part is, V1 Game builds you a personalized practice plan so you can take it from the course to the range and back.

How to Analyze Your Driving with V1 Game

Dive into the details on your driving game with V1 Game. Use the following charts and their explanations below to use V1 Game to its full advantage.

  1. Driving Direction
  2. Strokes Gained
  3. Driving Distance
  4. Fairways Trend

For best results, play a few rounds to get a better collection of data to be broken down in the app and charts below.

Driving Direction Chart

Driving direction shows you which direction you tend to miss. Each bar is a percentage. What we are looking for, is if yellow or grey bars are trending larger or smaller. If you know you tend to miss to the left, you can be more careful when there’s trouble on that side.

Strokes Gained Chart

Strokes Gained shows you a trend plot of your strokes gained driving.


Focus on it and use this to measure the results of your driving practice

Driving Distance Chart

Use the Driving Distance chart to see your max drive and your average drive for each round you’ve played.


Out-drive your friends or track the progress of your fitness training, or impact of your new driver purchase.

Fairways Trend Chart

The Fairways Trend chart shows how often you hit the fairway and when you miss, what type of lie do you get. If you never hit it in the sand, there’s no use to practice fairway bunkers. But if you have a lot of red for recovery or grey for penalties, you need to practice driving because you are making mistakes in our three keys.

Download V1 Game and start tracking your rounds today. Check out the video below or explore other helpful videos on the V1 Sports Youtube page.


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