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V1 GameDay Breakdown: New Features

V1 GameDay Breakdown: New Features

Important Insights, Even Faster

The V1 Game mobile app version 2.4.8 now includes a Best and Worst Shot Breakdown for every round using your strokes gained information. Don’t worry about sifting through all of the data in the moment, one glance tells you the range of your performance, giving you a quicker understanding of your past round. This breakdown is now visible in the Post Round Summary, check it out for a fun way to see where you excelled and what type of shot costs you the most.

This new feature adds to the extensive analysis already making the V1 Game app one of the most versatile GPS, performance-tracking and comprehensive game-improvement platforms on the market.

Unlock the new features and download V1 Game below!

Existing V1 Game users can upgrade to the latest version by subscribing through our website. If you need help upgrading, please visit the help center below.

What is V1 Game?

With the V1 Game app, a mobile phone or Apple Watch becomes a golfer’s personal caddie, game performance tracker and pocket golf coach. V1 Game’s powerful GPS data provides accurate yardages to greens, hazards and landing zones to help you navigate the course like a professional. After a round is completed, V1 Game’s intuitive performance analysis technology provides a wealth of articulated statistics that reveal the user’s strengths, weaknesses and paths to improvement. With these newest features, the sky is the limit on GPS- and A.I.-powered game improvement.  What’s more, V1 Game functions without the need for wearables, attachments or any external hardware other than a smartphone or Apple Watch.


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