V1 Pro Instructor Bob Grissett On the Key Elements of the Golf Swing (Volume 1 of 3)

Posted on: Jun 13 2018 | Blog

Understanding the Fundamentals

There is vast amounts of instructional information and data available for golfers to consume. While this is inherently positive it can also be a pathway for players to easily lose their way.

For V1 Sports Ambassador Bob Grissett, Director of Instruction at Club Morningside, the pursuit of instructional truth is his passion. Bob believes that misinformation leads to confusion within the golf world, “Impediments have made the barrier of entry into golf unnecessarily high. Golfers routinely leave the game out of frustration, lack of direction, regression, or improvement that comes too slowly or not at all.”

Bob uses V1 Sports’ Video Technology Platform to help his students better understand the fundamentals that every top player has employed, “By using V1 for comparison, we can demonstrate the key elements. Overall PGA Tour players may look like they swing different, but in reality they all exhibit the same key elements.”

Fundamental #1: Posture

To start, Bob believes that, “every top player in the history of golf, no exception, tilts or side-bends in the opposite direction of the turn.” Maintaining proper posture throughout the swing is critical, once a player “stands up” out of their swing, the shoulders turn flat, and the head rises, resulting in poor contact with the ball. The more a golfer can rotate around a consistent spine axis, the more consistent the ball strike and ball speed.  

How to Check Posture

Open the V1 Golf app and select a swing to analyze or capture a new swing.

  1. In analyzer, select the line tool

  2. At set-up draw one line through the spine and a second line above the head, parallel to the ground

  3. Forward the video and stop at the top of the backswing

  4. The spine angle and head position should be close to the original lines

  5. The shoulders should tilt perpendicular to the spine

The photos below demonstrate improper and proper posture at the top of the swing. Notice in the first photo that as Player 1 makes her backswing, she stands up out of her set-up posture causing her shoulders to flay and turn too flat, and her head to rise. Player 2 maintains his spine angle as he takes his backswing, his head remains stable and shoulders tilt perpendicular to his spine angle.


Player 1: Posture Released


Player 2: Posture Maintained

You can check your own posture by downloading the V1 Golf app or working with a V1 instructor like Bob Grissett.