V1 Pro Instructor Bob Grissett On the Key Elements of the Golf Swing (Volume 2 of 3)

Posted on: Jul 16 2018 | Blog

Please note: This is part two of a three-part series.

Fundamental #2: Tucking the Hips

Ben Hogan (arguably the best ball striker in golf’s history) was a firm believer that to be able to consistently strike the ball the golfer had to rely on firm fundamentals. The second fundamental that V1 Sports Ambassador Bob Grissett, Director of Instruction at Club Morningside, teaches is what he calls, “tucking the hips.” Bob states confidently, “Champion golfers use the ground for power by straightening their legs and tucking the butt under the torso, which allows the spine to extend.”

Hogan said, at the finish of the swing the belt buckle or belly button is the closest part of body to the target. Keep on file and refer to when in doubt. If used correctly, you can belt the ball a country mile.”

This is a major power move because pushing the hips forward and upward releases them from their tilt toward the ball, which increases their rotation capacity and allows them to continue to turn through the shot. A golfer’s ability to turn is limited when the body is in flexion. The best golfers have learned to keep the hips turning through and to use the ground as a springboard like a jump shot by tucking the butt under the torso.

Check out the professionals below who are demonstrating this power move:  

How to Check Your Hip Tuck

Bob uses the V1 Sports Video Technology Platform to provide students with instant visual feedback with before and after swing comparisons. Check your hip tuck on your own by following the steps below.

Open the V1 Golf app and select a swing to analyze or capture a new swing.

  1. Forward the video and stop halfway through the follow-through

  2. Check that the weight is on the left foot (or right foot if left-handed)

  3. Check that both legs are straight

  4. Check that the hips and butt are tucked (not hanging back behind the ball)

The photos below demonstrate the proper (left) and improper (right) hip position after impact.


You can check your own hip tuck by downloading the V1 Golf app or working with a V1 instructor like Bob Grissett.