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Announcing Matt “Mr. Short Game” Fisher as the V1 Sports’ Newest Ambassador

Announcing Matt “Mr. Short Game” Fisher as the V1 Sports’ Newest Ambassador

Georgia-based golf instructor Matt Fisher – best known for his “MrShortGame Golf” YouTube channel – has been named an official V1 Sports ambassador.

Fisher is using V1 Pro software, the V1 Pro mobile as well as the V1 Pressure Mat in his entertaining golf instruction/entertainment videos. He has also shown his subscribers the merits of the innovative V1 Game app for GPS and performance tracking.

“The V1 folks have been super fun to work with,” says Fisher. “I just mentioned V1 in a video, kind of off the cuff, and then the company reps reached out to me to discuss ways to create a working relationship. They’re such a fun and cool company, with people who were more about building relationships, as opposed to just selling products.”

With a slightly mischievous personality and engaging, relevant golf content, the former San Diego State University golfer has gained 174,000+ subscribers to his YouTube channel. And, he’s not quite sure how it all happened so quickly.

“I kept working on my game after I graduated and sometimes gave lessons,” he says. “The traditional lessons didn’t really click with me, and then when I started having kids and teaching them golf, I would create drills for them. And they became really good, so I just kept using these drills that I’d put together. One thing led to another and, I guess, Mr. Short Game was born.”

Fisher wasn’t even in the golf business at the time. He was an on-air promotions editor in the television and film industry for two decades. After unsuccessfully trying to transition to the golf industry where he says “nobody would hire me,” he started the YouTube channel to gain some level of credibility. “I figured if I built up a presence there, then that would open some doors,” he says. It worked. Braemar Country Club in the Los Angeles area brought him in to help with its junior program. But it’s the YouTube effort that started blossoming. 

“I post videos three days a week, and keep trying to make them as engaging as possible,” he says. “I try to take everything I’ve learned and communicate it in a way where it will stick with the viewer. Most golf instruction can be pretty monotonous. That may work in person, but it didn’t work for me. Being in the TV industry for so long, I knew that wouldn’t keep a viewer for very long. So, I did everything to make it as high energy as possible, taking those techniques I used for 20 years and applying them to my channel.”

Most Popular Video

His most popular video ever? “The one on cheating. Every time something strange happens on the PGA TOUR, my cheating video gets another surge of views,” he says. But his instructional videos are the meat of his channel. For years, he’s taken video and analyzed his own swing, using a number of apps. “V1 Game was the only one that didn’t crash my phone,” he jokes. “It was just super easy to use and work with, and I never stopped using it. It’s extremely accurate, more so than I ever thought it would be. It’s easy to keep track of all my shots with it, and I like the stats it gives me at the end of the round.”

Fisher says he constantly encourages students and viewers to record video of their swings through V1, to help them see what they should be looking for. “I try to create drills in which they can look at their swing and look at specific points,” says Fisher. “And I always tell them to record themselves doing the drill, not just their swing, to make sure they’re doing the drill correctly. You start learning a lot really fast.”

The V1 Sports team plans to continue to work collaboratively with Fisher on their respective social media platforms, keeping variety and an eye on the younger golfing demographic.

“Mr. Short Game is a total breath of fresh air and a has such a great deal of fun on his channel. He speaks to multiple generations of golfers and makes the game approachable and really easy to enjoy. We look forward to working creatively with him and expanding our brand to new faces from a broad range of golfing backgrounds,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. 

To see Mr. Short Game in action, check out https://www.youtube.com/user/thegolfmatt or search for MrShortGame Golf on YouTube.com.


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