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V1 Sports Launches V1 Coach

V1 Sports Launches V1 Coach

Connecting Players to Coaches with Actionable Data and Accelerated Improvement

Golf coaches know that improving the swing is only half the battle to playing better golf. Smart decisions and course management have a tremendous impact on the score that is signed at the end of the round. The new V1 Coach app adds to V1 Sports’ suite of golf tools and closes the gap between on-course performance and the practice tee.

Asking a player what they need to work on is often an exercise in futility.

Often our memory of a round can be clouded by one bad shot or failed scrambling attempts, when the reality is we shouldn’t have missed the green in the first place. This is why V1 Sports introduced V1 Game, a shot tracking and analysis app for players. In addition to functioning as a GPS rangefinder, V1 Game can be used on the golf course or after the round to input shot by shot data. Once the shot by shot data is captured, V1 Game’s analysis engine is able to bring valuable insights, highlighting a player’s strengths and weaknesses. From elite players to the weekend warrior, this analysis is valuable whether the player is competing in tournaments or trying to break 90 for the first time.

Strokes Gained and Strategy

Player data syncs directly with the new V1 Coach app. Allowing coaches to see when their players are playing, how they are playing, and what they should be working on via the V1 Coach advanced analytics engine. For coaches of teams or competitive players, the Coach view will allow a quick comparison of player’s strengths in the same familiar Strokes Gained buckets of the PGA Tour. Strokes Gained information is partitioned into Tee-to-Green (T2G), Driving (D), Approach (A), Short Game (S), and Putting (P).

Shotlink™️-style maps of driving location and score help coaches to talk through on-course strategy and course management. Full shot histories of how a hole has been played at the team (V1 Coach) or individual level (V1 Game) are available to highlight specific miss tendencies for specific courses. This is critical for preparing for that next tournament or for trying to break through that scoring barrier on your home course with those few holes the player just can’t figure out.

Automated Analysis

Strokes Gained is just part the equation. Most analytics apps dump the data on the player / coach and expect them to be the data scientist to figure out where the problems lie. Most coaches don’t have the time to go through shot by shot and hole by hole to identify key areas to work on for all of their players. V1 Coach and V1 Game do all the heavy lifting. Immediately available after a saved round is the round summary. The round summary will show data about the performance relative to the selected reference, from tour pro to 25 handicap for males and females. In addition to Strokes Gained, V1 Game / Coach use a powerful analysis engine to give further insights. Comparing the day’s performance to that players baseline.

An example from the Round Summary shown here:

Why did the player struggle on Strokes Gained Approach today? Well, they hit into recovery / penalty situations 3 separate times and missed short of the green 30% of the time.

They had a poor driving day, favoring the left hand side with a penalty and while their putting performance was an average one for them, they still missed 5 putts inside 6’ and had 2 three putts.

All of this information and the user simply had to track shot locations using the V1 Game app. 

Unlock Potential

Another key analysis given in both the V1 Game and V1 Coach App is potential. Shown both in the Round Summary and in the ‘Teach’ view of the V1 Coach App below, potential is what the player could be scoring if they clean up big mistakes from the Three Keys: Penalties, Two Chips, and Three Putts.

The V1 Coach app simplifies keeping up with students and enables coaches and instructors to further translate lessons and practice to better scores. V1 Coach analyzes recent performances to give suggestions for the immediate ‘Area of Improvement’. This takes the burden of analyzing the data off the coach, allowing them to focus on lesson/practice plans for improvement. Additionally, analysis of ‘Potential’ should help get players excited showing that with improved course management, a mid 15 handicap could be breaking 80 with focused practice. 

A Branded Experience

The value our coaches bring to the players is tremendous and we want our players and coaches to feel part of the V1 community. Thats why V1 Coach has built in branding to both the V1 Coach and V1 Game apps. When a coach creates a team, adding their custom colors and logo, players joining the team will get the branded experience throughout the V1 Game app.

Data in the Palm of your Hand

While the goal of V1 Coach and V1 Game is to provide simple, easy to digest, actionable data for coaches and players, the mountains of data are available to dive as deep as you want to go. Get started today with V1 Coach and V1 Game.

Check out our Webinar on how the two apps work together:
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