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V1 Sports Partners with Golf Training Aid Experts Eyeline Golf

V1 Sports Partners with Golf Training Aid Experts Eyeline Golf

Eyeline CEO Sam Froggatte to provide putting education to V1 audience

ln a move to offer more, and better, game improvement tools to our audience of amateur golfers and teaching professionals, we at V1 recently partnered with golf training aid aficionados EyeLine Golf. Numerous EyeLine Golf products are now available in our online pro shop at V1Sports.com and EyeLine founder Sam Froggatte, along with company President Grant Froggatte, will be creating content that educates golfers and instructors on practicing with feedback – especially in the area of putting. EyeLine Golf’s unique array of putting and swing training products have developed a loyal following among playing professionals on tours across the globe as well as amateurs in search of lower scores.

“EyeLine has actually worked with V1 for 15 years – not at this level, but we were talking about apps and the like 15 years ago,” Sam Froggatte says. “V1’s customer set is looking for answers that V1 is identifying. So, expect to see a swing or stroke fault that V1 identifies and that EyeLine addresses to fix that fault. It may sound like: ‘Oh, looks like you’re having an issue with your putter coming back outside, so let’s train with this EyeLine product to help you bring the putter back on path.’ Nobody else in the industry can do this.”

picture of Sam and Grant Froggatte

Sam and Grant Froggatte

Although EyeLine sells 75 products geared at helping golfers remedy every facet from full swing to putting stroke, the brand specializes in putting aids.

“It’s hard to find a putting issue that we can’t solve or that we haven’t addressed,” says Grant Froggatte. “That’s why right now, we have 16 of the top 20 Tour pros in the world rankings using our putting devices.”

Interestingly, the company started nearly 20 years ago when Froggatte was an aspiring golfer who wanted a mirror to help himself putt better. After he couldn’t find one good for watching his own putting stroke, he brought his own to market. After making putting-specific products for 15 years, the company diversified to full swing devices. EyeLine now makes a handful of putting mirrors and they collectively make up the company’s top-selling category.

“We’re thrilled to partner with such an established, well-respected company,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Sam and Grant Froggatte have a never-ending commitment to innovation and finding solutions to make golfers better. That nicely complements our mission to help expedite the game-improvement journey for every player. Playing professionals and serious amateurs trust EyeLine products so that further credits the brand’s reputation and speaks to the potential we have to offer fun and creative ways to help golfers improve.”

Currently, these EyeLine Golf training aids are available on our website shop:

Putting Aids:
Groove+ Putting Laser
Classic EyeLine Putting Mirror
MyRoll 2-Color Golf Ball (3-Pack)
Groove Putting Mirror – Special Edition

Full Swing Aids:
Check Point Swing Laser
Impact Cube
Speed Trap 2.0
Tee Box Alignment Station 2.0
Practice T with Mirror

The enterprising Froggatte is a former Evans scholar at the University of Colorado and spent his pre-EyeLine days as sales rep for IBM and various golf companies. Today, nearly 600 professional golfers use EyeLine Golf training aids and Froggatte has developed his teaching acumen to a degree that greatly informs the design and features of his devices.

“I tell golfers to work on one thing at a time. For instance, if the V1 Pro software tells me that the putter face into impact is open, the stroke is too long, and I’m not bringing it on the right path. I say just focus on the face first. Everybody’s swing has many faults. I just like to focus on one thing at a time,” he says.

To see the EyeLine products V1 Sports has available for purchase:


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