V1 Sports Provides Instructors Sponsorship Opportunities

Posted on: Mar 01 2018 | Blog


Premium Branded Solutions

Teaching golf for a living is demanding, and undoubtedly can be a labor of love. Teaching professionals dedicate themselves to countless hours of lessons, coaching, and constant communication with their students. V1 Sports understands this, and has made a commitment to help instructors create new opportunities to improve their business.

V1 Sports Premium branded solutions is a way for teachers to bring more visibility to their brand, and additional income to their business. The V1 platform provides instructors and academies the opportunity to sell sponsor advertising on every lesson that they send to their students. The sponsorship can be formatted to the sponsors liking within the lesson delivery communications.


V1 Pro Mike Richards advertises local businesses to his students through the V1 Video Lesson player.

Partner Locally

It is important to note that the most effective way is to find local sponsors. Reach out to nearby golf retail stores, banks, realtors, car dealerships, or even talk to your members or students who are business-owners. When pitching potential sponsors highlight the number of students that are delivered lessons.