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V1 Sports Sees Record Year in Digital Video Lessons Given

V1 Sports Sees Record Year in Digital Video Lessons Given

Teaching pros drive 15-percent surge in app-based lessons for 2020

Golf participation has soared during the pandemic. As has social distancing, of course. Which combined to lead to an aggressive growth of golfers using mobile technology to take remote lessons from top teaching pros, anytime and anywhere since March.

Record Breaking Numbers

During the year, there was a 15-percent growth in V1-based digital lessons over 2019’s total. Coming hot on the heels of an update to the V1 Pro app, V1 tallied a grand total of 428,210 digital lessons delivered by all of its affiliated golf academies using the V1 Pro platform for digital lessons. Roughly eight percent more academies (2,255) provided digital lessons through V1 Academies than in 2019 (2,090), as well. 

V1’s Top Ten

The Top 10 performing academies on the V1 platform in 2020, with an average of 5,768 lessons given apiece, were:

Top Speed Golf

Graves Golf Academy

Mike Bender Golf Academy

Dahlquist Golf

George Bryan Golf Academy

Old Waverly Training Center

Capital City Club

Els Performance Golf Academy

RYG Digital Swing Academy

Mike Sullivan Golf School

What Instructors Are Saying

“The pandemic obviously played a big role in the increase in virtual golf instruction,” says Mike Sullivan, Director of Instruction at Mike Sullivan Golf School in Raleigh, N.C. “Before the pandemic, I had already begun working with students all over the world remotely, and I expect much of the virtual instruction to continue. The benefit of remote instruction is that players may work with coaches they have learned about online and otherwise couldn’t have a coach/student relationship with.”

George Bryan III, namesake of George Bryan Golf Academy in Chapin S.C. says that V1 actually helped save his business last year.

“We have relied heavily on video support learning for many years, long before the 2020 pandemic,” says Bryan who is thankful “for virtual video live and recorded learning options. The V1 and other video mediums allowed us to maintain and even develop relationships with our students so we could keep our academy open.”

As the off-season continues, many golfers want to stay in playing condition so that they can hit the ground running once their course opens for play.

That’s why “it’s vitally important under the context of not only being in a pandemic and over the winter break to improve as a golfer,” says Dana Dahlquist, owner of Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy in Long Beach, Calif. “It’s really important for golfers to stay on top of their golf swing and be in touch with their instructor. There’s no better way to do that than with video and V1.”

V1 Sports has remained committed to helping avid golfers facilitate interactive lessons with pros during these unprecedented times. After our users surpassed the four-million mark in online lessons earlier this year, we made significant upgrades to its V1 Pro software and mobile platforms, including a sleek, efficient user interface, dynamic integration of V1 Pressure Mat data and the ability to record real-time tips and drills videos with audio using their live cameras and microphone.

“While the year was so tragic to society in many ways, it also served as a tipping point for the utilization of technologies that enable people to be productive from home or anywhere remote,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Our V1 Golf and V1 Pro apps connect instructors and golfers in a way that tightens their bond and helps golfers improve at an accelerated pace. These numbers reflect that progression, and prove that golf instructors are developing ways to effectively increase revenue through our remote platform.”

The V1 system of interactive remote golf lessons is powered by easy-to-use tools for video swing capture and sharing as well as functions that help pros create detailed video lessons with voice-over instruction and visual feedback through telestration. From home, golfers can film and send their swings to the teaching pro of their choice, and then receive lessons and drills using the V1 Golf mobile app.


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