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V1 Sports Unveils New Website to Better Support Surge In Demand

V1 Sports Unveils New Website to Better Support Surge In Demand

This spring welcomes an all-new V1 Sports website that more strongly conveys our company’s refreshed line of products and services. V1 has spent more than a quarter century connecting expert golf instructors with dedicated golfers through their breakthrough video analysis and teaching platforms, including the V1 Pro software system and the consumer-focused V1 Golf and V1 Game mobile apps.

“With our most recent product offerings — the V1 Pressure Mat, V1 Game app and V1 Pro Studio — V1 Sports is not just a video analysis solution for golf instructors, but rather a complete service provider for all of their instruction needs,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “It’s a new era at V1 Sports and with the surge in demand, we wanted the refreshed website to reflect that energy and handle the volume.”

The website — https://v1sports.com/ — has a sleeker, cleaner and more contemporary design than before. With the aesthetic enhancement, visitors can find what they are looking for more quickly, easily and smoothly. In addition, the site has incorporated more intuitive navigation, and is reorganized to help golf instructors and consumers discover the right solutions for their particular needs via new “Coaches” or “Athletes” options on the main page.

Golf instructors can learn about the new 2020 V1 Pro Studio software system and sign up for one of three plans: V1 Complete, V1 Pro or V1 Mobile to start interactive lessons with video, voice over and telestration. Instructors can also discover how the new V1 Pressure Mat can be the right fit for their teaching business. Plus, they can sign up for certification training to optimize use of V1 Pro; connect with V1’s design consultants for advice on building a custom V1 studio at an academy or golf course or access online support for V1 Pro Studio software and the V1 Pro mobile app.

Golfers can connect more easily with their coaches to book online lessons, search V1’s huge database of instructors to decide who to contact for instruction, link to the download page for the V1 Golf app, link to the download page for the V1 Game app or learn about V1 Home Studio and the ultimate video feedback experience.

The new site features an increased variety of blog updates; further support for golf instructors in better-organized pages and categories and the online V1 Shop that sells the V1 Pressure Mat, camera equipment and accessories, hitting nets, hitting mats and V1 logo apparel. 

“We see game improvement as a lifestyle,” says Kelly Hurst, Director of Marketing at V1 Sports. “It’s what our team and the instructors who trust our software and swing analysis systems live for, and it’s a mindset we want to share with more and more golfers. The new design and functionality of v1sports.com creates a fun, shared environment for open dialogue on better ways to learn the game and enjoy it even more.”


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