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V1 Baseball Delivers Top-Caliber Interactive Baseball and Softball Training

V1 Baseball Delivers Top-Caliber Interactive Baseball and Softball Training

Young and aspiring athletes now have a golden opportunity to receive innovative expert baseball training from a collection of the game’s top professionals.

With V1 Baseball, we are bringing to market accessible, personalized hitting, pitching and fielding coaching for baseball players determined to make it to the next level. 

In 2019, V1 acquired Don Slaught’s Right View Pro— a fast and easy-to-use frame-by-frame video analysis platform that featured side-by-side hitting, fielding and pitching videos. Rebranded and updated, V1 Baseball capitalizes on the past successes and relationships RVP had with MLB and Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams, along with several prominent NCAA colleges and universities across the country.

“There are countless players who have dreamed of playing baseball at the Major League level. We are providing the opportunity for players to learn to improve their baseball skills– including hitting, pitching and fielding– by interacting with currently-active and veteran professional baseball players. A dream opportunity now exists for millions of developing and aspiring ball players to learn from the absolute best,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty.

V1 Baseball’s instruction platforms incorporate a powerful combination of live video capture of hitting, pitching or fielding analysis, voice-over tips, telestration, graphic overlay, lesson creation and delivery tools for baseball and softball. V1’s high resolution, high-frame-rate cameras capture athlete’s swing, pitching motion or fielding technique from angles and depths that allow the expert coach to pinpoint key training elements and then quickly devise a personalized, custom lesson and send it directly to the student through the V1 mobile app or email. Coach analysis includes side-by-side views of older swings and Model Swings to keep students on the path to improvement.The new V1 Baseball mobile app will be available in the iOS App Store in a few weeks with optimized video capture and coaching for all baseball and softball skill sets.

Whether a student wants more velocity on his breaking ball or wants to learn to hit for more power, V1 Baseball can connect that student with a professional coach who has excelled professionally at that specific skill set. 

V1 Baseball will be making a number of announcements over the next several months as professional coaches continue to join the roster and make their instructional services available to athletes in search of baseball skill improvement.


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