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Veteran PGA Teaching Professional Chip Carrel Joins V1 Sports’ Expanding Team

Veteran PGA Teaching Professional Chip Carrel Joins V1 Sports’ Expanding Team


V1 would like to proudly announce the hiring of longtime PGA teaching professional and veteran IT sales professional Chip Carrel as Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast region to help scale the brand’s market reach and growth.

About Chip

head shot of Chip Carrel

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Carrel first became a PGA professional in 1998 and spent 19 years as a head professional and teaching pro at esteemed properties like Diamond Run Golf Club and Treesdale Golf and Country Club (both in the Pittsburgh area). Carrel calls that time rewarding and full of great relationships he still values today. The former Ohio State University student transitioned into the information technology industry in 2015, developing an expertise in sales, procurement and business solutions.

The Intersection of Golf and Technology

The intersection of golf and cutting-edge technology is where V1 Sports and Carrel both abide, so Carrel’s arrival on the team is an excellent fit.

“Having used V1 Sports all the way back since I was lugging a laptop tethered to a camera out to the range, it’s very natural to me to talk solutions with other teaching pros about how far V1 technology has come and how vital video solutions are to effectively teaching golf today,” he says. “Service and the deep, knowledgeable and creative team V1 has built also gives me a lot of confidence when I’m promoting the brand and its products.”

Carrel’s territory includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, where he already has many professional relationships from both his golf and IT careers. Recipient of the Tri-State PGA Section’s Player Development Award, Carrel is focused on providing advanced technology to help improve the quality of golf lessons.

“Chip Carrel is going to be a huge asset to V1 Sports as someone who can speak with authority on technology solutions and how pros can grow their businesses with V1’s suite of products. It’s easy for pros and golf course owners to identify with and trust Chip and his ideas,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Chip will play a key role in accelerating our growth and market share.”

Carrel is a diehard student of the game and has been discovering deeper insights and more ways to communicate instruction thoughts based on feedback drawn from the V1 Pressure Mat integrated into the V1 Pro software platform.

“I’m seeing golfers really internalizing the data, and more so the visual feedback, from pressure traces and improving their games through that visualization of how they should be applying pressure to the ground throughout the golf swing.”

In addition to the newest 11th-generation software release of V1 Sports’ leading video capture and swing analysis system, called V1 Pro Studio, Carrel will have plenty of new teaching enhancements to share with golf instructors.

For more information, visit our website or contact Chip Carrel for business inquiries at Chip.Carrel@v1sports.com.


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