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Watch Long Drive Champ Jamie Sadlowski on Next Week’s “Tuesday Traces” Webinar Series

Watch Long Drive Champ Jamie Sadlowski on Next Week’s “Tuesday Traces” Webinar Series

V1 Sports invites the public to take part in a special edition of its weekly “Tuesday Traces” live webinar on Zoom, Tuesday September 22 (7:00pm Eastern). On this broadcast, special guest and World Long Drive Champion, Jamie Sadlowski, will join hosts V1 Sports Regional Sales Manager Mandy Von See and BodiTrak founder Terry Hashimoto to discuss the benefits of properly applying ground forces to the golf swing.

Sadlowski, winner of the 2008 and 2009 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, will receive a live lesson from Hashimoto while Von See moderates the webinar and fields questions from viewers. The trio will discuss the theory behind ground mechanics in the golf swing, including the importance of measuring and analyzing a golfer’s ground forces in order to improve. Hashimoto, “The Godfather of the Pressure Trace,” will analyze Sadlowski’s swing and pressure trace readings from the V1 Pressure Mat, identifying weaknesses and paths to improvement. 

The V1 Pressure Mat is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“COP”) during the golf swing, providing immediate feedback during a lesson or practice session. Combining real-time data on a golfer’s weight transfer with V1’s top-in-class camera systems and video software makes each lesson more impactful and can markedly expedite a player’s improvement. 

Not only can the V1 Pressure Mat system help golfers swing in better balance and transfer weight more effectively throughout the swing, instructors can also help students seeking more power and yardage use “Vertical Force” to their advantage, yielding more distance. 

“What GPS has done for navigation, the pressure mat has done for teaching and learning the golf swing,” says Hashimoto. “V1 has opened the door so more golfer professionals are now able to jump in and take advantage of this technology that reveals what the naked eye can’t see in a golfer’s swing. Seeing where a golfer applies pressure on the ground throughout the swing is like giving that golf swing an X-Ray. On this webinar, people are going to see how quickly we can pinpoint pressure and motion to immediately work on the proper swing fix.”

Zoom participants on this Tuesday Sept. 22 “Tuesday Traces” webinar will learn what the V1 Pressure Mat measures: pressure, vertical force, velocity. Also, the V1 team will discuss with Sadlowski why and how he uses the V1 Pressure Mat in his everyday golf practice as Hashimto does a live analysis of Sadlowski’s swing and pressure traces.

Hashimoto and Sadlowski will also use this Tuesday Traces broadcast to address the common pressure trace faults average golfers have and demonstrate simple drills for improving their pressure patterns in their golf swings.

Registration is free and simple. RSVP online to reserve your seat!


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