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Watch this Week’s Tuesday Traces with Golf Pro Quinn Griffing and KB Blanchard

Watch this Week’s Tuesday Traces with Golf Pro Quinn Griffing and KB Blanchard

V1 Sports invites you to tune into this week’s edition of our weekly “Tuesday Traces” webinar series. 

In this webinar, Golf Pro Quinn Griffing and KB Blanchard, along with V1 Sports’ own Mandy Von See discuss the theory behind ground mechanics including the importance of measuring and analyzing a golfer’s ground forces in order to improve. They will provide an overview of the V1 Pressure Mat and the three forces it measure: pressure, vertical force, and velocity.

We cover:

  • What the V1 Pressure Map measures
  • Where and how it can be used on the range and at home
  • The three forces measured: pressure, vertical force, velocity
  • Analysis of Quinn and KB’s students’ pressure traces including what drills they used to improve
  • Common pressure trace faults among golfers and simple drills for improvement

The V1 Pressure Mat is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“COP”) during the golf swing, providing immediate feedback during a lesson or practice session. Combining real-time data on a golfer’s weight transfer with V1’s top-in-class camera systems and video software makes each lesson more impactful and can markedly expedite a player’s improvement. 

Not only can the V1 Pressure Mat system help golfers swing in better balance and transfer weight more effectively throughout the swing, instructors can also help students seeking more power and yardage use “Vertical Force” to their advantage, yielding more distance. 

Watch the full episode below:

For more on the V1 Pressure Mat, start by clicking “Learn More” below:


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