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Welcome Biomechanics Expert Philip Stotter and Veteran MLB Coordinator Anthony Medaglia

Welcome Biomechanics Expert Philip Stotter and Veteran MLB Coordinator Anthony Medaglia

We at V1 are so proud to announce two key additions to the V1 Baseball staff. Former baseball operations coordinator for Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians, Anthony Medaglia joins V1 as head of Baseball Operations. Philip Stotter, veteran clinical physiologist, respected and sought-after biomechanics educator and inventor comes on board as V1’s Director of Sports Science where he will work both inside and outside the organization on education, certification, content development, hosting webinars and leading debate amongst experts to improve performance for athletes, both elite and casual. These strategic hires dovetail perfectly with V1’s proven ecosystem which offers best-in-class analysis software for coaches integrated with leading hardware technology, all connected to athletes through award-winning consumer apps.

“With 25 years of clinical practice and research in both the medical and sports industries, I plan to leverage my experience and knowledge to create a strong platform of education, understanding, and application for V1’s groundbreaking products,” Stotter says. “Educational certifications, webinars and Think Tanks will be at the frontline of my efforts to expand the V1’s reach in baseball.”

Similarly, Medaglia sees V1’s solutions fitting the needs for all levels of baseball and softball player development. Our cutting-edge video analysis software empowers coaches and players to utilize a suite of tools that can help drive skill improvement quicker and more accurately than ever. Plus, it can enhance communication between players and coaches – allowing coaches to send voiceover analysis, written notes and video demonstrations.

“Baseball’s taken a huge leap in utilizing sports technology for player valuation and development,” says Medaglia. “An extremely important aspect to creating speed and power is how you recruit energy from the ground. Golf has known this for years and baseball’s now starting to implement force/pressure and balance data to uncover how players create, store and deliver energy within their motion sequence. With V1’s commitment to ground pressure, combined with its video solutions, we give players and coaches another tool to accurately assess what players are doing on the field.”

Stotter also sees the potential to share new biomechanical and kinematic breakthroughs with the baseball world.

“Bridging the gap in communication and interpretation of what’s going on between coach and player is critical to enhance the performance of the player. Whether a player is hitting, throwing, or fielding, ground pressure analysis allows the coach an equally important perspective, to interpret and understand what they cannot see,” he says. “The use of ground pressure analysis allows a coach to interpret the players’ ‘feel’ through clear-cut pressure and force data.”

As video analysis and instruction have become key, one of Medaglia and Stotter’s first tasks at V1 will be implementing the V1 Baseball Video Instruction Certification program that provides coaches a hands-on training opportunity to learn from our team of experts on how to utilize video tools, deliver in-person and remote lessons to create a successful baseball instruction business. In addition, we will offer insight into how our top instructors utilize other sports technologies – such as ground pressure – in conjunction with video, to provide accurate, evidence-based assessments for their students and players.

“Baseball has been forced to provide flexibility in how players prepare for an upcoming season. V1 bridges player access for coaches and analysts, giving them the tools to work towards their development plans, together. This is where V1 can partner with teams now and in the future,” says Medaglia, who adds that working for Cleveland – one of the most respected and forward-thinking professional organizations in all of sports – gave him a unique perspective as to how technology drives player improvement on a daily basis.

“Both Anthony Medaglia and Phil Stotter are first-round draft picks when it comes to advancing V1 Baseball’s key initiatives and bringing unrivaled credibility and innovation to our certification programs and future tech innovations,” says V1 Sports CEO Brian Finnerty. “Ultimately, helping more coaches and players realize new levels of success in America’s pastime is something both of these proven professionals will help us achieve. We’re proud and excited to have them on the team.”

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