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Where V1 is Run: The Cascades in Tyler, Texas

Where V1 is Run: The Cascades in Tyler, Texas

Luxury golf facility, course and academy utilizing V1 Sports located at The Cascades Club Tyler, Texas.

If Texas enters their minds at all, most people probably only think about the Lone Star State in terms of its four largest cities: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. That’s possibly why the sublime golf community at The Cascades Club in the far East Texas town of Tyler might be a bit off most folks’ radar. This property, situated on the shores of serene Lake Bellwood, is a forested residential and private club retreat on 500 idyllic acres. The Cascades Club sits just four miles from downtown Tyler, midway between Dallas and Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 6,944-yard Cascades Club golf course was re-designed by PGA Tour player Mark Hayes. It features lush, tour-quality greens and broad fairways that wind among tall oak and pine trees, with many holes set alongside scenic Lake Bellwood. Water comes into play on 10 of the 18 holes and there are over 50 strategically-positioned bunkers throughout the course. Play The Cascades once and you’ll see why many Texans consider East Texas one of golf’s best-kept secrets.

Head golf professional Sean Fleming leads the Golf Academy at The Cascades Club, which he calls a

“state-of-the-art learning and teaching center with access to the highest levels of golf technology.”

The Golf Academy at The Cascades Club is equipped with V1 Pro video capture software and an interesting four-camera system (which includes overhead views) to record and allow staff instructors to break down swings in a multitude of ways. Cameras are expertly-positioned for overhead, straight on, rear-view and down-the-line video capabilities to cleverly capture both left and right-handed players. 

“Our V1 system allows for the most advanced analysis of swing fundamentals and kinesthetic motion in the golf swing. The cameras can film at 100 frames-per-second. We run playback on a large screen TV and have the ability to instantly share videos with our students through the V1 Pro app and have them receive it on the V1 Golf app,”

Fleming says.

“The power to overlay swings to compare progress, or to analyze swings compared to touring professionals or other swing models is very useful and we also like to use it to bank students’ swings for future reference and comparison,” he says. “Freezing video and utilizing the drawing tools with lines, angles and circles to illustrate wanted or unwanted motion helps students pick up on key parts of the lesson much faster.”

To learn more about The Cascades, visit www.cascadesoftexas.com.


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