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Why the V1 Baseball App Is the Best Solution for Coaches

Why the V1 Baseball App Is the Best Solution for Coaches

V1 Baseball App

Connecting coaches and athletes like never before, V1 Baseball is the best solution for remote online baseball training.

With the new V1 Baseball app, students will be able to connect with coaches to send videos directly to them. When students send coaches videos through the V1 Baseball app, they will show up in the Coach’s V1 Pro inbox.

From there, coaches can create voice-over video lessons and deliver the final lessons directly back to their students. Students will receive their completed lesson in their V1 Baseball app account.


“I am passionate about making quality
baseball and softball instruction accessible to
anyone, regardless of their geographic
location or socioeconomic status. V1 Baseball
reaches people where they are and breaks
down any barriers of entry. Beyond that, it
makes teaching the game of baseball easy for
coaches and more interactive for players. We
live in a world that wants to learn via 5 minute
videos. I believe V1 Baseball is the 21st
century solution to learning the game.”
Clayton Kershaw
Professional Baseball Pitcher


For more information, check out the video below.


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