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V1 Sports Celebrates Top Instructors And 500,000 Online Golf Lessons delivered in 2021 Through V1 Software

V1 Sports Celebrates Top Instructors And 500,000 Online Golf Lessons delivered in 2021 Through V1 Software

V1 Ecosystem Helping Golfers Improve In-person and Online with Leading Video and Ground Pressure Analysis Technology; Fifteen V1 Pros Named to Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers

V1 Sports (V1), developers of the leading video and ground pressure analysis technology for coaches and athletes, delivered more than 500K online lessons in 2021 through its V1 Pro and V1 Golf software ecosystem. The milestone comes as fifteen V1 Pro Instructors are named to Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers of 2022-2023. 

About V1 Pro Software

V1 Pro Studio

V1 Pro Studio and Mobile golf instruction software continues to serve more than 10,000 coaches who in turn have helped more than 3 million golfers, delivering lessons both in-person and online to help them improve. Online teaching has become increasingly popular as indicated by the 500K lessons delivered outside of in person appointments. Online lessons allow the coach and athlete to stay connected between in person lessons, or learn effectively without in person visits. Golfers can connect with a professional instructor regardless of their location through the V1 Golf app.

Fifteen V1 Pros Named to Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers

V1 is very proud to work with a roster of leading golf instructors that drive improvement both in-person and online, including several leaders who have been named to Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers for 2022-2023. The game’s only annual instructor ranking, which is voted on solely by peers, acknowledges golf’s most influential and impactful teachers. V1 Pro instructors named to the Golf Digest list include:

  • Butch Harmon 
  • Chris Como
  • Mike Bender
  • David Leadbetter
  • James Sieckmann
  • Martin Hall
  • Todd Anderson
  • Dana Dahlquist 
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Dave Philips
  • Randy Smith
  • Cheryl Anderson
  • Jim Suttie
  • Kevin Kirk
  • Suzy Whaley 

“It is great to see how many influential golf instructors use V1 Pro software to teach the game. Our ultimate goal is to empower coaches and golfers to be their best, and the V1 Ecosystem and the exchange of data, lessons and content facilitate learning and improvement.”

-Bryan Finnerty, CEO of V1 Sports. 

About the V1 Sports Ecosystem

V1 software, including both pro and athlete apps, work together and independently providing video analysis, swing/lesson exchange and game improvement content. V1 Pro software captures high-definition, high-frame-rate swing videos with integrated ground pressure data that can be analyzed with graphic overlays, side-by-side comparisons with tour model swings from V1’s extensive library. Online Lessons are delivered with voice over coaching and tip/drill content to students via the V1 Golf app, email, and text, which students can review on their own at home and on the range. 

About the V1 Pressure Mat

V1 Pro Mobile

The V1 Pressure Mat integrated with V1 Pro Mobile software is a portable ground interaction tool that measures and displays pressure, velocity, and dynamic force throughout the golf swing. Syncing video and ground pressure data creates an unbeatable tool to more accurately evaluate movement and provide immediate feedback to athletes to help them improve.

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