Boditrak Golf Pressure Mat

The BodiTrak Golf Pressure Mat System is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“CoP”) during the golf swing.

NEW: Wirelessly connect to the BodiTrak golf pressure mat with the V1 Pro Golf Teaching Aids App.

V1 Pro HD integrates to the BodiTrak golf pressure mat with easy direct plug and play USB cable. Use your existing V1 Pro HD Golf Teaching Software.


It’s so easy that as soon as you open your V1 Pro App on your iOS mobile device or plug in the BodiTrak mat into your V1 Pro HD system the pressure mapping data will be displayed immediately when you click Live Video.

  1. Plug in the BodiTrak mat and the data immediately appears in V1 Pro HD
  2. Use your existing V1 Pro HD Software with an active Pro Advantage membership
  3. COP (center of pressure) chart and distribution map
  4. High speed camera support
  5. Technical phone support
  6. Easy to move and minimize the mapping data windows within V1 Pro HD
  7. Center of Pressure Trace
  8. Balance distribution, left and right feet
  9. Balance distribution, heel and toe
  10. Velocity Graph demonstrating kinematic transition through the swing

For additional information on the 7 Key Traces for BodiTrak click the Learn More button below. To visit the BodiTrak Knowledge Center Click Here

V1 Pro HD + Boditrak have Hit the Easy Button

For question on the integration with V1 Pro HD and BodiTrak Sports please contact your V1 Sales Representative today at 800-777-7721 or email: