Group Training and Workshops

Let V1 Sports conduct educational training workshops to bring you and your staff up to speed on all the tools and and functions in your V1 Pro HD software, V1 Pro App, and features of your Premium subscription.

For its hands-on workshops, V1 will coordinate with your organization to equip your meeting room with laptops pre-loaded with the latest version of V1 Pro to train your attendees. The interactivity working with the V1 Pro software makes the experience enjoyable and the content easy to retain. Participants will walk away more knowledgeable and confident using V1 Pro during their lessons.

V1 Webinars

If you're looking to get V1 training while saving time and money, V1 offers training webinar sessions that deliver real-time training over the Internet. Webinars are conducted by V1 and will cover the same content as you would in a workshop.

If you like V1 Sports to provide a V1 hands-on workshop or webinar for your company or organization, contact a V1 Account Rep to schedule a date and time or email us by clicking V1 Training


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