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Create and Deliver Video Lessons from Any Mobile Device

Increase revenue, improve your productivity and student retention. The V1 Pro app is an award winning instruction solution for Instructors looking to capture and analyze swings, create and deliver better lessons.

Single-user Basic Subscriptions start at $30/month.

Multi-user Premium Subscriptions start at $60/month.

The V1 Pro app can be used standalone or with the V1 Pro HD desktop software via a Premium Complete Subscription.

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Create and Deliver Video Lessons

  1. Create video lessons with voice-over, telestration, comparison, and overlay
  2. Send recorded video lessons directly to students via email, text, or their V1 Golf app
  3. Receive videos from students sent from their V1 Golf app
  4. Store student contact information and swing videos to track progress and lessons

Capture and Analyze Your Student's Golf Swing

  1. Capture up to 240 FPS in HD on capable devices
  2. Import video from camera roll
  3. Playback in slow motion and frame-by-frame
  4. Review swings with telestration
  5. Accelerate, trim, zoom in, and flip videos
  6. Access our complete HD Tour Pro model swing library (New content added monthly)
  7. In-app customer support

“I want to see a student’s swing every two weeks, or at least once a month; I use V1 Pro as a check-in opportunity to see their progress or help them get back on track.”

- Tom Patri, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

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