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The Most Powerful Golf Teaching Software for Instructors

V1 Pro HD is the most powerful video analysis and golf teaching software on the market for live video capture, swing analysis, and lesson creation and delivery. Increase revenue, improve your productivity and student retention, and become a better teacher and communicator with the golf teaching software provided by V1 Pro HD.

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Software Designed for Golf Instructors

With V1 Pro HD you don't have to be a tech wizard to learn how to use the golf teaching software. V1 Pro HD’s simple user interface helps you to quickly navigate and access your students' swing videos, model swings, and drawing tools so there is less time spent trying to learn the software and more time spent delivering great instruction to your students.

Powerful Video Analysis Tools

Live-stream and capture swings with up to eight high definition, high frame rate, low light cameras. V1 Pro HD features more than 30 analysis and drawing tools to assist you in providing objective visual feedback to your students.

Create and Deliver Great Video Lessons

Create video lessons with voice-over, telestration, and comparison and deliver it to students via email, text, or to their free V1 Golf swing app account. Store student contact information and swing videos to track lessons and progress.

BodiTrak Pressure Mat Integration

The BodiTrak golf pressure mat is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“CoP”) during the golf swing.V1 Pro HD seamlessly integrates and synchronizes BodiTrak data with your swing videos.

Inside V1 Pro HD’s Golf Teaching Software

The latest version of V1 Pro golf teaching software is updated with the latest technology and has everything you need built right in. Experience easy customization options, improved graphics and features, new online tools, mobile app integration and overall superior performance. Here are some more highlights:

  1. Automatically post lesson videos your social media accounts with a Premium Subscription
  2. Live Record lets you record a lesson while comparing live streaming video to a previously recorded video/model
  3. Send single video upload to multiple students/ email addresses
  4. Enhancement to the appearance of the Bin and Tab buttons have been made to improve contrast and readability
  5. Upgrade of student database functionality with Edit and Save/Cancel changes buttons to prevent accidental edits
  6. Improved Zoom/Pan tool allowing you to adjust overlay of videos and easily line-up videos shot from unequal distances or of subjects of differing heights
  7. Create ad-hoc play list by selecting and playing multiple video tabs
  8. Smarter default swing position calculations and the ability to set a custom default swing tempo

There are More Sides to the Story: V1 Pro Multi-Cam Systems Show Them All

Equip your indoor golf teaching studio with state of the art technology featuring new V1 Pro Multi-Cam systems connected to 4 or 8 cameras, V1 Pro Multi-Cam systems allow you to connect up to 8 cameras to a single computer and simultaneously capture and view multiple angles of your students, providing you and your players more detailed visual feedback of their athletic motion.

Position cameras Down-the-Line, Face-On, Overhead, and Back View to capture, identify and analyze every relevant angle to accelerate game improvement. The popular V1 4-Cam system gives coaches and instructors the full story of their players’ flaws arming them with detailed feedback and added insight to accurately identify, diagnose their flaws and prescribe remedies to correct them.

Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.x. Windows 7/8.1 recommended. For users running Windows XP, we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 7/8.1 as Microsoft ended support for XP on 4/2014. To learn more, click here.
Processor:Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor or comparable AMD CPU. Intel Core i7 processor recommended
Free Space/Hard Disk Drive:5GB free hard disk space. 500GB or larger SSD recommended
System Memory:512MB system RAM. 2GB system RAM recommended
Video Adapter:DirectX-compatible display adaptor. Premium video graphics adaptor recommended
Supported Video Resolutions:1024×768 XGA monitor. 1920×1080 or higher resolution monitor recommended
Recommended Camera(s)V1 High Frame Rate HD USB 3.0 camera(s) recommended
Removable Media:CD-R and RW drives are supported for DirectCD archiving. Most other popular removable media formats are also supported for archiving.
Internet:Internet connection is required for V1 Academies and Branded Academies participation and auto-update feature. Internet connection is not required for V1 operation. Broadband Internet, at least 8Mbps down/ 2Mbps up recommended
Soundcard:Sound card with speakers and PC Microphone
PC Microphone:Required for triggered recording and Internet lessons. USB microphone is recommended for Internet lessons with premium or improved sound quality. 
Additional Accessories:External video monitor to view tool-less output and Optical mouse with wheel


V1 Pro HD is now available as a software subscription – now you’ll always have access to the latest edition including any new improvements & features!

Single Camera License

V1 Pro HD (with support for one camera) is included with a Premium Complete, Premium Studio, or Basic Studio Subscription.

Multiple Camera License
(add 2, 4 or 8 camera recording)

V1 Pro HD with support for additional cameras is available as an add-on to any Premium Complete, Premium Studio, or Basic Studio Subscription.


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“V1 has been the key tool to what we do day in and day out for our lessons."

-John Webster, PGA Teaching Professional

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