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Available FREE for V1 Pro subscribers, the V1 Coach app connects you to the on-course performance of your students using the V1 Game app. Manage teams and gain insights into player performance through powerful golf analytics. V1 Coach automatically analyzes available data to guide you into areas of the game to focus lessons or practice.

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V1 Coach App Features


Connect and Share Actionable Statistics

  • Connect with students who use the V1 Game app
  • Easily see playing data on all of your students
  • Stats include: strokes gained, shot patterns and distributions, miss tendencies, round history and recent performances, proximities, putting performancing including three putt avoidance and putts to GIR, and more!
  • Strokes gained data available for any skill level from PGA TOUR to beginner, and is broken down by overall score, driving, approach, short game, and putting
  • View your students' personal bests and scoring history

Manage team analytics and On Course STrategy

  • Great for competitve high school and college teams
  • Add team logos and colors for a branded experience for facility and players
  • Take advantage of Shotlink-like performance history
  • Enable on-course strategy and planning
  • Track shots live or post-round at your convenience

Simple Centralized Platform


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V1 Pressure Mat

The V1 Pressure Mat powered by BodiTrak is the world's most powerful and portable solution to measure pressure, velocity, and dynamic force throughout the golf swing.