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V1 Pro Baseball is the premier baseball pro software on the market that includes video analysis and lesson delivery solutions. The powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis, graphic overlay, and lesson creation and delivery tools makes V1 Pro Baseball an indispensable baseball instruction aid. V1 Pro Baseball is available for Windows and iOS and Android devices to meet your coaching needs.

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Instant visual feedback

Help your athletes improve faster by capturing high-definition high-frame-rate swing videos that can be analyzed with graphic overlays and compared side-by-side with MLB professional videos. 

Voice-over Video Lessons

Improve your athlete’s retention with voice-over video lessons that can be delivered to students via email, text, or the free V1 Sports app. Athletes can review lessons on their own at home and on the practice field.

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Take Your Business Online

Reach new students and grow your business by taking your coaching online. V1 Pro Baseball enables you to connect and provide remote video lessons with athletes around the world.

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