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Internet Sports Academy
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Getting a Video Lesson with the Internet Sports Academy is simple.

Step 1 - Create an account on the Internet Sports Academy
Click here to complete the New Member form and create your personal account with a private Locker to store your videos.
Step 2 - Capture video using the V1 Home 2.0
V1 Home 2.0 is all full featured application that allows you to capture your video and upload it to your Internet Sports Academy Locker.  Click here for more information or order your copy of the V1 Home 2.0 now.
Step 3 - Upload your captured Video your Locker
Use the V1 Home 2.0 to package and upload your video to your Locker.
Step 4 - Assign your video to the Instructor of your choice
Once the video is in your Locker, you can assign the video to be analyzed by the Faculty Member of your choice.  The Instructor will be notified immediately via email of your request.
Step 5 - View your completed lesson and improve your game
Once your Instructor has created a lesson from your video, an email will notify you that your video lesson is complete.  Simply log into your locker and view the streaming video lesson using Windows Media Player technologies.

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