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Employee Spotlight with Mandy Von See

Employee Spotlight with Mandy Von See

In this new series, we’ll be interviewing the V1 Sports team members and finding out more about their passions and “drivers”. This week, we are kicking off our Employee Spotlight series with our Southeast Regional Sales Manager Mandy Von See. Follow Mandy on Instagram or LinkedIn to stay up to date with her and V1 Sports. 

What is your dream golf destination? 

Somewhere near the beach. Maybe even a course where I can play barefoot! I am a beach girl and feel more connected to the ground with no shoes on.

Condoleezza Rice
Mandy & Condoleezza Rice at Pebble Beach

If you could pick 3 people to play a round of golf with, who would they be? 

Danny Sahl because he is the most positive, uplifting golf partner and person that I know. 

Condoleezza Rice because I have so much respect for her and I am also a late-in-life golf student. Fun fact: Condoleezza Rice was one of the first female members of Augusta National!

And, of course, Arnold Palmer because – duh!

Which up and coming golf pros are you following?

Kira Dixon
Kira Dixon on the V1 Pressure Mat at the PGA Show

Nelly Korda because she is so strong and has such a pretty golf swing. I use Nelly’s swing in the V1 Golf model swing library often for my own practice. 

Kira Kazantsev Dixon because she is Miss America-turned-golf personality, and she makes a mean charcuterie board. 


And I’m always following Corey Conners and his team. Corey is quite a Ball Striker!

What area of your golf game does V1 Game say you need to work on?

I’m a beginner golfer so I’m using V1 Game to help me understand which of my clubs to use for each shot.

What is your go-to meal at the ballpark?

Chicago style dog with mustard, relish, kraut, celery salt and cheese.

Fun fact- I worked at a hot dog joint in high school called Skoogies.

What would your “walk out” song be?

Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun or Doin’ Our Own Dang by Jungle Brothers

If you could compete in any Olympic sport, which would it be?

Speed Skating. Loved watching Erin Jackson have her comeback moment and was so inspired by her story. 

Favorite on-the-road snack?

Mom’s gluten free chex mix. Here is a similar recipe if you’re interested! Can’t give away the secret family recipe 🙂 

What attracted you to working at V1 Sports?

The people! I’ve met various V1 Sports employees at PGA Shows over the years and one day just called them up and asked them to hire me! I have thrived more in my role at V1 Sports than any of my other career stops along the way. Working with good people and believing in the product makes my job really fun!

Best trend in sport and coaching in the past 10 years?

Easy – Ground force! The V1 Pressure Mat! I know I am biased but I still get so excited when I get to introduce this technology to people who haven’t seen it before. Their faces when they get on the mat for the first time and see their pressure reading just light up, and almost everyone starts to do a little dance to see how they interact with the ground and their center-of-pressure mark moves. With the V1 Pressure Mat, I get to bring this really incredible technology to as many people as I can. We get kids on the mat, people from all different sports and backgrounds, and it’s just so fun to be part of their improvement journey. 

What makes you successful that most people don’t know about you?

Phillie Phanatic
Phillie Phanatic mascot lollipop

Growing up as a ballet dancer taught me discipline and routine. I danced 6 days a week and it taught me work ethic and to love what you do. I am always thankful for that foundational opportunity. I also owned a candy company and licensed mascot lollipops for every SEC and ACC football teams and all MLB Baseball Teams, so I am an entrepreneur at heart and always willing to say “Why not? Who wouldn’t want a Phillie Phanatic lollipop?”.

-Mandy Von See ☮️💚⛳️

Thanks for reading more about Mandy, and stay tuned for features on our other incredible employees! We’re excited to restart our Tuesday Traces series starting April 12th with Mandy. If you have questions about the V1 Pressure Mat, or are interested in hosting Tuesday Traces, please contact Mandy Von See at 843-323-7738 or mandy.vonsee@v1sports.com.


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