Former MLB Player and Hitting Coach Dave Hansen Launches Online Academy

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Blog

V1 Sports proudly announces former Major League Baseball player Dave Hansen as its newest V1 Pro baseball coach. Hansen spent 15 seasons in the major leagues with the Dodgers, Cubs, Padres and Mariners, as well as one season in Japan. Afterwards, he was an MLB hitting coach for seven years and MiLB hitting coordinator for eight years. He is currently a hitting coordinator for USA Baseball, and has operated the Dave Hansen Baseball Academy in San Clemente, Calif. since 2009. 

Hansen believes in the importance of video analysis to help players improve and is going to begin offering online lessons to his current and new students. His V1 Baseball online academy can be found at https://app.v1sports.com/dave-hansen-baseball-academy.

Dave Hanson headshot

“I’m thrilled to work with V1 Baseball and its baseball platform,” says Hansen. “I really like the versatility of the tools. In swing analysis, visual training is key. We’re trying to focus on certain body movements and being able to move around. From a teaching standpoint, the program really intrigued me. It immediately wowed me — it’s pretty cool. It’s so important to have a quality program to use when you’re teaching — especially one with immediate response when you’re working with a player. And the ability to use V1 remotely is awesome. As much as I travel or the kids are traveling to tournaments, to have access to your coach or player is awesome.” 

A hitting instructor in the San Francisco Giants organization until this year, Hansen now solely teaches hitting to kids who are benefiting from his wealth of experience combined with the advanced technology of V1 Baseball. He uploads video of his students’ swings right through the app and marks certain movements, uses the tools to change colors where needed for a clearer visual and explanation, and then employs the voiceover feature. “It’s so helpful,” he says. “I can say ‘this is what we’re working on, here’s what we talked about’ and it just makes everyone’s life a lot easier. When it goes into the player’s portfolio, he can keep track of his progression. That’s how I’ve been using it and am looking forward to expanding how I can use it. I’m scratching the surface on it right now.”

Dave Hanson coaching

He also sees V1 Baseball’s potential, in helping him broaden his reach to students who aren’t physically near his Southern California facility. “The V1 marketplace is definitely going to expand how I use it,” he says. “I’ll be accessible to more players, able to reach more kids, and be involved in their growth as baseball players. That wasn’t available for baseball too long ago, but I’m grateful we’re at this point now. It’s super convenient — the players and I can use it whenever we have time. We don’t have to be on such a rigid schedule. I can send instant feedback to somebody while they’re at a tournament, and vice-versa. That’s the biggest draw because kids are playing in all kinds of tournaments, they’re gone all the time. Yet they still want access to their coach. I frequently use the overlay feature. I use it for in-game analysis and pitch location — to see what my students’ hitting posture and swing look like, to track the bat barrel path, and examine the kinematic sequence and ground force that gets the sequence going. It’s cool to see which body parts are moving in which parts of the swing.”

And just as important, V1 Pro lets Hansen and his academy stay state-of-the-art with its high-tech foundation. “This is the perfect platform to help me evolve,” says Hansen. “My biggest fear is getting stuck as a coach. I don’t want to just be content knowing what I know. V1 is going to help my students.”

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