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Get to Know PGA Teaching Professional Jordan Dempsey

Get to Know PGA Teaching Professional Jordan Dempsey

Getting to Know PGA Teaching Professional Jordan Dempsey

V1 Pro User and a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher

Jordan Dempsey headshot
Jordan Dempsey current official PGA TOUR staff headshot. (Photo by Jennifer Perez/PGA TOUR)

PGA Professional Jordan Dempsey has one of the best offices in America. He works at the Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. After being an NCAA All-American golfer at the University of Mississippi, he played professionally for five years after college before becoming an instructor. Jordan has been mentored by renowned instructor Todd Anderson for 15 years, both as a player and as an instructor, and enjoys developing golfers at all skill levels — from children to PGA Tour pros. His thoughts on teaching and V1 Sports technology:

I’m so honored to have been recently named among the Best Young Teachers in the business by Golf Digest. It’s actually my second time on the list but will be my last time since I’m turning 40 in July. It’s nice it’s nice to know they still consider us young! But it’s always great to be recognized by your peers and in general. And it’s fun to be able to hang that hat on my hook.

Todd Anderson’s helped my biggest strength to be developing players. I feel that’s my niche — taking kids like Jackson Suber at Ole Miss who I’ve been teaching for eight years. When we started, he wasn’t really a Division I caliber player. But now he’s won the last two events he’s played. So, taking kids like that and developing them, and then turning right around and working with an adult amateur and still be able to improve him is my forte. One thing I’ve been taught so much is treating everybody the same. It doesn’t matter if I’m working with Davis Love or a high-handicap amateur, I treat them the same. That’s a big deal and makes them feel important.

Here’s a tip for those of you who consistently finish a swing with too much weight on your back foot. I’d say 95 percent of the time if you’re hanging on your trail foot, you’re not getting loaded behind it. If you never load something, if you never turn behind the ball, then you’re never going to be able to generate any momentum to work through the ball and finish on your front foot. A lot of times I see players hanging on the front foot and then obviously the only way to get the ball up in the air is to lean back through impact. It’s a product of the pivot not being correct at the start, and not getting behind it enough. Davis Love has such an iconic lower body movement like Nicklaus where he lets his foot come up. So I’ll let him take swings and let that front foot come up and make sure he feels the weight shift into his back heel. And then I have him transfer that weight. It’s like throwing a baseball or football, or hitting a tennis ball — there’s no sport you stay on your lead foot. There has to be some transfer of weight. If you don’t get loaded, you can’t unload.

If I show you V1 video of you doing it, it will help illustrate these points and expedite your improvement. Anytime I can get on V1 and draw a line from the ball straight up to your left ear and show the top of your spine doesn’t get behind the line or using the V1 Pressure Mat powered by Boditrak along with it, I’m able to show you that your weight hangs left. And being able to use those tools to quantify what we’re trying to do. That’s where the pressure mat is so good — it’s just like Trackman because it gives me the ability to tell you this is where you are right now, you’re 64 percent on the back foot and I need it at 78 or whatever. Using those kinds of tools is huge. I like how the V1 Pressure Mat keeps it simple. Sometimes I’ll use some simple tools like an uphill lie to force you to swing and get your weight in the right foot and swing up the hill. I try to keep it very fundamental and simple.

V1’s video software is huge in letting me help students and work more efficiently. For example, I have a client who’s No. 200 in the world right now and he travels a lot to play in events. The fact that he can send me video of his swings, I can throw them in my V1, draw the lines and send it back to him with a voice-over is huge. And that goes for the majority of my clients who are college players or kids who don’t live here. I rely on it on a nightly basis.

The ability to communicate with students and share videos through the mobile app creates a tighter bond with them. For instance, Jackson won again last week, and the first thing he did on Monday was send me swing videos of how he’s swinging now. That way, I have everything in his file to where we know we can go back and see when he was swinging good and at another time, and compare the two. Then when he starts swinging like crap, which will probably happen at some point, we’ll be able to go back and see what he does well when he plays well. I’ve done that with Davis Love quite a bit, looking back when he played really well and won the PGA — going back and looking at his lower body and comparing it to today. It’s always good to have that information and be able to save stuff and compare.

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