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Golf Ball Myths

Golf Ball Myths

A look at common golf ball beliefs, and what I think about them.

Nate from V1 Sports 

When it comes to equipment, the golf ball is often the most overlooked area for most golfers, which is interesting when you consider that the golf ball is the only thing that you use for every shot. Golf balls should be valued as much as, if not more than anything else in one’s golf bag, arguably. I’ve been playing golf since I was 2 years old and I currently maintain a .5 handicap, a lot of my experiences in golf have helped validate my opinion and thoughts on this topic. I’m going to highlight a couple of myths you may or may not have heard of surrounding the golf ball. Aside from just knowing what’s facts versus myth, it can help make you a more informed buyer the next time you need to purchase.

Myth #1: A soft golf ball spins more, and has better greenside control.

This was something I believed for a long time growing up. My thought process was if the ball is softer, it will bounce softer on a harder surface and spin more. This seems to be the belief of many players as well as I have seen countless YouTube videos and articles claiming a “softer ball will have better greenside control and more spin” which…. is not the case. In all actuality, the firmer feeling golf ball tends to spin more than softer feeling golf balls, and give you that little bit more “bite” on the greens. This is due to the golf balls ability to grab onto the groves of the club face.

Myth #2: All golf balls are roughly the same, they wont make an impact on my score.

This is an ongoing topic I hear from my friends and other golfers I have crossed paths with throughout the years. Golf balls are extremely unique, and behave wildly differently from one another. Swing robots during ball tests have found 20 yards of distance difference and up to 2000 RPMs of spin between certain balls. Forces like that can have a huge impact on your game, and your consistency.

Imagine playing two different types of golf balls during a round that are polar opposites from one another… a softer ball that is built around feel and eliminating spin, and a firm ball that is built around distance and adding spin, and trying to hit similar shots with those balls. They would fly inconsistently, go different distances, and spin in their own ways. Oftentimes, you may have blamed yourself for a bad shot, when it could have been the ball choice instead. I’m not saying the right golf ball will correct everything, but it most certainly will place you on the right path to be a more consistent golfer. When you find that ball you like, stick with it for the year. Get comfortable with it, try not to hop around between other types of balls throughout the year.

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Myth #3: I can’t compress tour balls to make them perform. 

I’ve been hearing people say this since as long as I can remember. In actuality, there is very little evidence that there is a proper compression rating for a golf ball per how fast you swing the club. For those who don’t know, compression is the rating of how tightly wound the core of the golf ball is. The higher the compression rating, the more speed you would need to properly “compress” the ball.  It is often believed that if you swing slower, you shouldn’t play balls with a higher compression and vice versa. When in reality, golf balls with a higher compression rating tend to have better control around the greens no matter your swing speed. Test the ball yourself, judge how it feels, and get comfortable with one type of ball you can stick with. Performance should always be the most important variable when selecting a golf ball. Feel should then come second in line. 

Do you have a favorite golf ball you swear by, and tell all your golfing buddies about? We want to hear it! Direct message us on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter channels with what your go-to golf ball is…you might just get a gift card from me and the V1 Sports team! Happy Golfing!

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