How Rob Labritz is Using V1 Pro to Improve on the PGA TOUR Champions

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Blog

V1 Brand Ambassador Rob Labritz made his debut on the PGA TOUR Champions this season. Rob is a PGA Professional at GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford, NY and uses V1 Sports software to hone his own swing. He kicked off his PGA TOUR Champions career at the Chubb Classic finishing tied for 26th and most recently tied for 5th at the Rapiscan Systems Classic. Today, we’ve got analysis from Rob and V1 Pro Carl Alexander prior to Rapiscan and the details behind what he was working on to secure this top 5 PGA TOUR Champions finish!

The first few weeks on the PGA TOUR Champions for Rob Labritz were about learning the ropes and logging some solid performances. Over the scheduled break between the Hoag Classic and the Rapiscan event Rob returned home to catch up on business at GlenArbor Golf Club where he is the Director of Golf. He also spent some time with his swing instructor and fellow V1 Pro user Carl Alexander at The Golf Club of Purchase.

In the video below, Rob Labritz shows us how he and Carl use V1’s technology and the powerful combination of video + ground force analysis to work on his swing. Using the V1 Pressure Mat and the heat map feature showing the pressure distribution in his feet, Rob identified his weight at address was too far in his toes. He used this data and the continuous biofeedback with the V1 Pressure Mat and V1 Pro Software to “get back to neutral” and rework his swing. 

Down the Line

In the down-the-line view, Rob uses a simple club plane telestration line to monitor his takeaway and the position of the club head. This is a great line to try on your own swing!

From there he adds two interesting reference lines to check his motion back to the ball.  Rob puts a vertical line up from his toes to watch how his left knee moves to separate and lead his body rotation open before he reaches impact. He also adds a unique hand line to monitor his hand position at impact. He wants to keep his hands relatively close to his body and feel like his hands are low enough that he can thump the ground with the heel of the club, producing a crisp strike. Like most great players, Rob returns to the ball with his trail arm slightly bent and his head slightly lower than at set up. Truly a textbook position.

Face On

From the face-on view, Rob uses a line drawn up from the ball to just in front of his head as a reference for his impact position. At impact he wants his head behind this line while putting at least 80% ground pressure into his lead leg. 

It is interesting to note how at the top of his swing Rob’s spine is vertical to help him get the pressure on his lead leg early. As he approaches the ball his lower body stays forward with his left leg driving up while his spine angle tilts slightly away. This allows him to keep his head back and balanced. Another beautiful position.  

He finishes his swing with his weight in his left heel, which is exactly what he wants to do. He sees this on video, and quantifies it with data on the V1 Pressure Mat to measure exactly how much weight he’s transferring. 

The results of his dedicated and detailed practice? Rob Labritz recorded his first PGA Tour Champions Top 5 finish at the Rapiscan event, and as he shared with us at V1, he feels confident how his swing has progressed and looks forward to recording his first win. 

Try using some of these telestration lines on your own swing in the V1 Golf app. Upgrade to V1 Golf+ and overlay Rob’s swing and yours to better compare positions through the swing.


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