How to Earn a Spot on GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers List

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Blog, Trending

The GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teachers list was recently released and it has a lot of golf instructors wondering – how do I get on that list? We’re diving in with help from Tina Tombs (Top 100 Teachers) and Jake Thurm (Teachers to Watch) to get their advice.

How do you lock down a spot in the GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers? The short answer: get on the radar of the Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee. This committee looks at both outside academic and PGA peer review. 

“Factors influencing decision making include teaching experience and accomplishments, student portfolio and peer ratings, along with their overall commitment to the growth of the game, both through volunteerism and their ability to use digital platforms.” (Nick Dimengo, GOLF Magazine 2023)

Along with public applications, the committee accepts nominations from various organizations including but not limited to the PGA and LPGA. Make sure you’re taking opportunities to take on leadership roles in your section and aim to dedicate 5% of your time to improving the sport of golf for your community.

“It is important to be active and recognized in the PGA and LPGA, at a section or national level.” – Tina Tombs 

The other side of this process is the voting. While it may seem initially strange that peer nomination and voting is such an important part of the Top 100, Jake Thurm embraces the challenge of standing out from a crowd of talented instructors. 

“The process is a tricky one being that you are voted on by your ‘peers’ and thus your competitors in a way. Your peers must respect what it is you’re doing and what you are uniquely bringing to the table. This of course would have to be a “one of one” in order to differentiate yourself. My advice would be to be true to yourself and become the best teacher YOU can be because everyone else is taken.” – Jake Thurm

Above all, what we heard from Tina and Jake was to let your passion for the game shine. Care deeply about your students, invest in your continued education, and seek opportunities for growth and mentorship from your peers.  

“As the game evolves, so must your coaching systems and philosophies. Invest in yourself, stay current with technology, […] shadow other teachers, learn, learn, learn to be the best for your students, their games and goals. A busy, compassionate, genuine teacher who is making every student who comes to them BETTER!” – Tina Tombs

We are proud to recognize the 71% of the Top 100 Teachers that rely on V1 Sports every day for top of the line video analysis software. Congratulations to all, and thanks to Tina and Jake for sharing their advice with us. 

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