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Let V1 Game Automatically Track Your Golf Round

Let V1 Game Automatically Track Your Golf Round

Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket with Automatic Shot Tracking

Automatic Shot Tracking is the newest feature to be added to V1 Game and is a major improvement towards efficient play. Golfers are now free to simply keep their smartphone in their pockets while playing and still be able to accurately track every shot after the round.

Using the motion tracking sensors available on your smartphone, V1 Game monitors your round, plots a breadcrumb trail of your movement on the course and then suggests your shot locations so you can confirm and review them after playing.


Review Mode


In review mode, dotted lines will appear on each hole you played to indicate where you walked to and stopped during the round.

V1 Game will suggest shot locations and the user can then confirm or change the shot location before making it an official shot-tracking data point.

How to Use Automatic Shot Tracking

To use V1 Game’s Automatic Shot Tracking Mode, simply start a round, put the phone away and focus on golf–unless you want to use V1 Game’s GPS functions. After the round, golfers can review the auto shot predictions and simply tap on the ones that correlate to actual shots. A golf round can be tracked in just a few minutes, unlocking V1 Game’s robust performance analysis.

Use the video below to follow along:

Rangefinder Mode

The Rangefinder mode provides impressively accurate distances to greens, tees, hazards and landing zones. The GPS mode features beautifully-rendered aerial satellite views and state-of-the-art functionality. Users can manually set the pin placements for precise distance to facilitate correct club selection and track shots live or post-round at their convenience.

V1 Game’s Intuitive Shot Tracking lets golfers track their strokes, putts, penalties as well as shot distances, locations, and clubs used so they can evaluate their performance and work to improve their weaknesses. For post-round analysis, V1 Game instantly displays shot data so golfers can see their strengths, weaknesses and tendencies at a glance.

Statistics include: strokes gained, shot patterns, club distances, scoring, greens in regulation (GIR), fairways in regulation (FIR), scrambling, putts per green, putts per GIR, estimated handicap and more.

If you want to track your performance the way Tour professionals do, Strokes Gained data is available for any skill level–from PGA TOUR to beginner–and is broken down by overall score, driving, approach, short game and putting. Viewing personal bests and scoring history is simple with the V1 Game app.

Who Can Use V1 Game?

Users can connect and share stats and performance data with instructors and friends. V1 Pro instructors can invite students to start receiving powerful feedback on performance and plans for improvement. Instructors and coaches can link to their students’ V1 Game data through the new V1 Coach app to build performance-based lesson and practice plans.


Download the V1 Game app today:

Advanced statistical analysis of golf data requires a subscription (in-app purchase) after the first three rounds. Subscriptions can be purchased in-app with both auto-renewing and non-renewing options. Auto-renewing subscriptions cost $59.99/year or $6.99/month. Non-renewing subscriptions (allowing 7-day access) can be purchased for $9.99.


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