Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center and V1 Sports Form New Partnership

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Blog, Press Release

V1 Sports’ Ground Pressure Mat Technology with Video Analysis to Deliver Proven, Measurable Game Improvement to more than 50,000 Baseball Players in 2022 Through Multifaceted Partnership

V1 Sports is now partnered with the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center – the world’s first true diagnostic and analytic swing lab for baseball and fastpitch softball players – to deliver video analysis software and revolutionary ground pressure mat technology to baseball and softball coaches and players.

The news comes on the heels of Louisville Slugger®, the Official Bat of Major League Baseball®, announcing a sponsorship with Louisville-based Norton Sports Performance to open the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center (LSHSC).

Ground pressure mat with hitter

The V1 Pressure Mat and mobile software is the first portable ground interaction tool for baseball/softball players and coaches that measures pressure, velocity, and dynamic force. A breakthrough innovation, the mat is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and measures the quantity and quality of forces an athlete is applying within their hitting, pitching, and fielding mechanics. These measurements sync with high speed video captured with proprietary V1 Pro Baseball software to create a powerful combination of motion and ground force analysis. This enable coaches to more accurately evaluate and assess movements, then provide immediate feedback to help athletes quickly improve performance.

“We are truly excited to partner with the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center. V1’s innovative ground pressure technology is a breakthrough for baseball and softball training as it works in tandem with our video analysis software  to create a powerful system that delivers measurable improvement”

– Bryan Finnerty, CEO, V1 Sports.

As a launching pad for the partnership, which is expected to positively impact the baseball and softball industry by leveraging 50,000+ athletes a year who will utilize the LSHSC to improve their skill development, three bullpens and four batting cages will be outfitted with V1 Sports high speed cameras, and video analysis software. Additionally, the batting and pitching areas will be equipped with V1 Sports Pressure Mats to integrate ground force and video analysis, while bringing ground force metrics to baseball and softball instruction.

“Integrating V1 Sports’ proven ground pressure mat technology into baseball is a complete game changer for athletes and coaches of all levels.”

– Chad Miller, Founder, Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center.

Jump combine assessment

The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center will be housed inside a renovated 26,000 square foot training space at the site of the former Louisville Athletic Club on Westport Road in Louisville. To complement the integration of V1 technology at the player development center, plans call for LSHSC mobile units to be equipped with V1 Sports technology, bringing the newest innovations directly to players and coaches across the USA through combines, clinics, and demo sessions.

Additionally, the partnership will help introduce V1’s mobile app to baseball and softball players, which provides athletes the ability to receive online baseball and softball lessons with LSHSC instructors, and who can use the app to house educational video content such as drills, tips, etc. 

“In addition to helping professional baseball players and coaches, V1 Sports technology will expedite learning with kids, making the player development process more enjoyable for everyone.”

– Chad Miller, Founder, Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center

The partnership with the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center comes on the heels of V1 Sports obtaining significant backing from Black Cat Ventures, the golf technology fund founded by Michael Jordan and managed by his partners Ken Weyand and Darren May, the general manager and golf coach at The Grove XXIII in Hobe Sound, FL, respectively.  V1 Sports continues to leverage advanced technology to further establish its leadership position in sports and provide services designed to enhance coaching and overall game improvement.

In addition to its baseball technology, V1 Sports boasts a 25-year track record of success in the golf industry, as the developers of the leading video analysis software and ground pressure technologies for coaches and athletes.V1 Sports delivers over 50,000 golf lessons each month through the Company’s technology suite, connecting coaches and athletes through online lessons to support game improvement. Through this multifaceted partnership, baseball and softball players and coaches will now have access to game improvement hitting, fielding, and pitching technology, never before available.

“V1 Sports developed a successful technology suite in golf, as millions of golfers, including PGA TOUR players and more than 10,000 coaches, are using V1 Sports video and pressure mats to support game improvement,” said Finnerty. “Now, we’ve adapted our technology to baseball, and this partnership with the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center represents a true innovation for the sport.”

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