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Purchase a 1 year Subscription to the V1 Baseball+ App 

Take advantage of a special Lakewood Village Little League price of $70* and retain these benefits for year-round improvement.

Enter code LVLL10 for $10 off

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*Billed annually. Subscriptions automatically renew until canceled. Promo pricing applies for first 12 months. Renewals are charged full price. Pricing is subject to change.

To unlock V1 Baseball+ access:

1. Complete upgrade using link above

2. Download V1 Baseball+ app in your App Store 

3. Using same email, create a new account in the app

Contact us at support@v1sports.com for more help

Why V1 Baseball+?

  Ad-Free Experience

  Upload videos straight from your camera-roll. 

  Compare two swings/pitches in slow motion and frame-by-frame

  Overlay two videos for more precise comparison

  Delete multiple videos at one time

  Create custom folders


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