Mr. Short Game’s Road to the PGA TOUR Champions with the V1 GAME App

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Blog

Mr. Short Game’s latest video on his road to the the PGA TOUR Champions follows him during a practice round. He is using the V1 GAME app to track his stats and understand where he actually needs to improve instead of guessing where he needs to improve.

“I’m using the V1 GAME app to keep stats of my round. This is very, very critical so that we know, exactly based on what we did when we played, what we need to work on.” – Mr. Short Game


The Round Summary feature in V1 GAME condenses key analytics and feedback into easily digestible images. This helps you set intermediate targets as you chase your target handicap and shows you exactly how much you’re improving round to round. The detailed Round Summary is available to everyone with a PAR subscription or above after your first couple rounds. If you really like using stats to improve, a BIRDIE and EAGLE subscription gives you the details of each category so that you can focus on the right areas to improve with V1 GAME.

V1 Game Round Summary Screen


Want to see these stats before committing? Simply download V1 GAME in your App Store, tap Analyze, and choose Johnny Mulligan to see the incredible depth of the analytics V1 GAME provides in demo mode.



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