Online Golf Instruction

Receive Personalized Instruction from V1 Sports Teaching Professionals

Each Lesson Includes:

  1. A review of up to 8 swings sent
  2. Down-the-line and face-on analysis of swing using V1's analyzer tool
  3. Voice-over analysis
  4. Email communication with teaching professional
  5. Identification of your most significant swing faults
  6. Visual comparison to Tour Player swings
  7. Corrective exercises and drills specific to your development

Online Golf Lessons

Click below to purchase an online lesson from our V1 Pro instructor, Charlie Bowles.

Meet Our Instructor: Charlie Bowles

Charlie Bowles is a V1 Pro and teaching professional at Kubica Golf in Novi, Michigan. With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Charlie has worked with all level of golfers.

Charlie is an accomplished player and has competed in 52 PGA TOUR events and 2 Majors including the 1988 U.S. Open at The Country Club in Brookline and the 1999 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

Charlie's professional career has given him the experience to analyze the mental aspect of the game for his students along with the fundamentals to succeed.


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After you purchase a lesson pack, download the V1 Golf App to get started sending and receiving your online lessons today. Lessons are typically delivered within 72 hours or less after swing videos have been submitted. Click below for our help article on getting started.

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