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Practice Like a Pro with George Bryan and V1 Golf

Practice Like a Pro with George Bryan and V1 Golf

Professional Golfers use V1 Golf to Practice at the University of South Carolina’s practice facility

YouTuber and Professional Golfer, George Bryan from Bryan Bros Golf, used the V1 Golf app during practice with PGA pro, Will Miles at the University of South Carolina’s golf practice facility.

You don’t want to miss George and Will breaking down their swings and what they’re currently working on. They both use the V1 Golf app to record a “cold” swing then use the analyzer tools to illustrate key body lines that they’re going to focus on through their practice. Doing this during your own practice will help you see your improvement, even if it is slight.

George then sits down to compare his swing to his brother Wesley (PGA Tour Winner and second half of Bryan Bros). George and Wesley are newly added model swings in the V1 Golf app so you can also compare your swing to theirs. The side-by-side view makes it easy to compare two swings frame-by-frame and highlights the differences between a Pro swing and yours.

Finally, George pulled up a swing that was submitted by a fan through the V1 app and did a quick analysis live on camera. You can do a similar analysis on your own using the V1 app and a few of the telestration lines George likes, or send it in to a pro for an online swing analysis. V1 Golf makes it easy to connect with a pro virtually for a swing analysis and helps you track your progress each time you practice.

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