Customer support

V1 Sports offers a number of support channels to all of our customers regardless of which products you’ve purchased from us. Here are those options.

1. Open a Ticket

The fastest way for any customer to get support is to submit a ticket. Tickets are sent directly to our Support Representatives.

Add as much information as possible so we can get you the help you need fast.

2. Email Support

You can email our support desk at

3. Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base answers many common questions from users. Click here to view our knowledge base to find answers to your questions, or use it to learn more about our software and apps.

4. Online Manuals

Our V1 Pro desktop software manuals are in PDF form and can be downloaded here:

Professional Subscription Support

V1 Sports prides itself on providing world class technical support and training for our Professional Subscription customers.

1. Phone Support

Our technicians are here to help your V1 experience be smooth and frustration free. Call us with technical support questions so we can help.

2. Live Training

Schedule a live training session with one of our in-house experts. Click here to schedule training to learn more about Professional Subscription, V1 Pro HD, and the V1 Pro app.