Swing Study: Korda Sisters by Cathy MacPherson

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog

Nelly Korda (World #2) and Jessica Korda (World #25) have some good genes. The duo dominating the LPGA are the daughters of Petr Korda, tennis legend and Glad Slam Champion. They’re also some of our most popular model swings in the V1 GOLF app.


So, how do their swings stack up? We’ve partnered with Class A LPGA Instructor and Lead Coach with Golf Channel Academy, Cathy MacPherson on a Swing Study. Dive deep on the Korda Sisters swing analysis and see what you can learn to apply to your own swing.



Watch & Analyze Korda Sisters Model Swings


Don’t forget, you can compare your swing to Nelly and Jessica in the V1 GOLF app and do your own Swing Study using the analyzer tools!



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