Swing Study: Sam Burns by Paul Woodbury

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Blog

Swing Study is a new feature where we invite one of our V1 Pros to analyze a recent winning swing using V1 Sports Software. Paul Woodbury is up next to break down recent Valspar Championship winner, Sam Burns‘ swing. Paul Woodbury is the Director of Golf and Junior Instruction at Florence Country Club in South Carolina. Even if you’re not local to Florence, you can still take online lessons from Paul in the V1 Golf app. 

Sam Burns Swing Analysis

Paul’s analysis highlights what makes Sam Burns’ swing so strong and illustrates what amateur golfers can take away and apply to their own swings. For example, Paul uses the telestration lines in the V1 Sports Software to show the angle of Burns’ hip joint in relation to where he sees most amateurs.

You can use the same lines on your own swing video to compare how your own hips are moving through the swing. Paul also offers a few drill suggestions to work on making a better turn while staying on plane. More rotation means more opportunity for power generation, which is the key to unlocking longer drives.

V1 Sports Model Swings

Sam Burns’ Model Swing was filmed during his appearance at the Arnold Palmer Invitational where he finished -1 and tied for 9th. We’ve also added a new Jason Kokrak swing from the same event. Check out Sam Burns, Jason Kokrak, and more new Model Swings in V1 Golf today!



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