Swing Study: Scottie Scheffler World #1 by Jake Thurm

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Blog

In this Scottie Scheffler Swing Study, PGA TOUR instructor and V1 Pressure Mat expert, Jake Thurm, explains the commonalities in what great drivers do to make a significant impact off the tee. THE PLAYERS Championship winner, and World #1, Scheffler has been dominating the golf world. There are 3 things to learn from analyzing his swing, and Jake uses V1 PRO mobile software to show us. 

Shifting Mass Early 

Using the ground to laterally load the hip before the club moves, Jake explains what he believes is a hallmark of elite level golf. “Pressure to the lead side sooner rather than later, and they are doing it before you can witness it.” 

Head & Upper Body Stays Behind  

In order to create a better “rise of the club”, Jake analyzes how Scottie keeps his head and upper body behind the golf ball at contact. This avoids swinging down on the club, resulting in a better angle of attack. 

For the 3rd topic, watch Jake’s analysis, and come away with a better understanding on how to create better drives using the ground. 



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