The Golfpod 2.0: A Review of the Best Tripod for Golfers

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Blog, Trending

Written by: Brendon Elliot


Like many PGA Professionals, I have worn many hats over the course of my career. Most who know me do so because of my work in youth golf and industry education. In more recent years, I have become much more focused on my pathway working in golf. I coach around a dozen teen students privately, kids who compete and are looking to continue to improve their games in that arena. I have also expanded my passion for sharing about the game through writing. I provide content for numerous golf media outlets and blogs. These include PGA.com, PGA Magazine, Golf.com, Sportskeeda.com, GolfSpan.com, and more.

Proving content to my friends at V1 Sports has also been part of this journey. V1 is one of the GOATs of golf swing analysis software and applications. They are innovative and often partner with other great innovators within the golf space.

That brings us to my review today of a newer partner of V1, Golfpod.

This product was absolutely perfect for me to review as it is something I can incorporate into what I’m currently doing in the industry. The Golfpod 2.0 is perfect for me to use on the range, short game practice area, and even the course as I work with my students. Additionally, as I continue to expand my golf writing and content creation, the Golfpod 2.0 will play a major role going forward.

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What Exactly Is The Golfpod 2.0?

This handy product is a phone and tablet holder that is perfect for golf. Honestly, it could also be used in many other ways. With golf as my focus, I will stick to how this awesome device can be used for golf.

Look, holding your phone to record swings as you practice does not have to be a chore. It also doesn’t have to require an additional person to assist you. Propping your phone on your golf bag, only to have it fall into your bag when a gust of wind blows, can now be a thing of the past!

Golfpod 2.0 is the ultimate solution for filming your swing. It is the first tripod designed by a golfer for golf coaches and instructors. Your pains were once his, so he understands, and that is why this product was created.

Golfpod 2.0 is perfect for coaches. The Golfpod is designed to help you film in a studio, on the driving range, and on the course. You can shoot swings with ease and speed without slowing down your lessons.

Golfpod 2.0 is perfect for golfers. You don’t have to be a coach to appreciate all that this product can do for you as you practice. This product is very easy to use as you practice. It’s easy from initial setup to usage during your session, to breakdown. It’s easy peasy indeed!

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As a coach, I encourage my students to send me as much video content as possible when they are not with me. That practice time in between in-person sessions with me is invaluable. Seeing a student’s practice sessions helps me become a more valuable coach. The Golfpod makes it easy for them to do just that. Better yet, Golfpod actually educates the golfer on how to properly shoot video. It includes the “How to film my swing correctly and consistently” information pamphlet included with purchase.


Here is what is included in the Golfpod 2.0 Pro Packs:

  • Golfpod 2.0.

  • Phone Holder.

  • MagSafe Magnet Holder for phone & tablet.

  • Bluetooth Remote (Which I absolutely love!).

  • Complete golf swing filming guide.

  • Mini sharpie to mark your perfect height for filming.

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When you order the Golfpod it ships within 48 hours and has a 100%, no questions, no risk, money back guarantee. So, you are really out nothing if you find out it’s not for you…but in all honesty, I highly doubt that will be the case.

A few recommendations I have when you get your Golfpod 2.0…

  • Make sure to follow the user guide in the box as it will help you with your initial use and get you more familiar with the product.

  • Try the Golfpod with and without the MagSafe holder to see which you prefer. The MagSafe holder will give you some additional security. It will also let you know that your phone or tablet will stay in place securely. Either way, you can have peace of mind knowing this tripod is solidly built, with or without your use of the MagSafe.

  • Make sure to use the provided marker to set your perfect height for filming full swing shots. To do so, open the two bottom segments of the tripod completely to ensure you set the height consistently with the included marker. From there, use the marker to indicate where your perfect height setting is. Refer to the included filming guide for details.


Why Should You Choose The Golfpod 2.0?

  • QUICK SET UP: Golfpod takes only 10 seconds to set up.

  • STABILITY: A stable base ensures that slopes and wind won’t prevent you from filming.

  • ADAPTABILITY: Adaptable to all smartphones and tablets (with MagSafe) including iPhone, Samsung, and more.

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjusts to all sizes and postures so you can film your swing from all angles.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs less than a pound and doesn’t add bulk to your bag.

  • VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL: Easily film your swing in portrait or horizontal mode.

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Just rotate the holder to check swings without removing your phone.

  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE: Included Bluetooth remote control to record swings remotely.

  • COMPLETE GUIDE: A complete guide to learn how to film swings correctly and consistently.

I can’t say enough good things about the Golfpod 2.0. It is well worth the price of purchase and is extremely useful for coaches, and golfers of all abilities. To pick up yours, click here Golfpod.com and as a friend of V1 Sports, use code V1SPORTS at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

PGA Professional Brendon Elliott is a multiple award-winning Golf Professional based in Central Florida. He is the 2017 PGA of America’s National Youth Player Development Award Winner and is the recipient of more than 25 other industry awards with a Brendon Elliot Headshot focus on Coaching & Education. He is considered by his peers as an industry expert on topics ranging from Jr. Golf Development to Operations to Industry Sustainability. He is the founder of the Little Linksters Golf Academies and the Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development, a 501c3 nonprofit also based out of Central Florida. Brendon is also a freelance golf writer for PGA.com, Golf Range Magazine and several other golf websites and blogs. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America. You can learn more about Brendon at BrendonElliott.com and Little Linksters at littlelinksters.com.


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