The Largest Growing Sport In America Isn’t Pickleball, It’s Golf

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Blog

You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing the thwack of pickleball being played. Outside, inside, in converted racquetball courts, pickleball is everywhere and seemingly here to stay. But, according to the NGF, the leading authority on all things stats in golf, golf has actually beaten pickleball ball by 4.5 MILLION people in terms of growth over the past 8 years. 

With credit due to the massive increase in off-course venues recently, golf is now more accessible than ever before. Two out of every three golfers who show up to a course say they started with an off-course experience. Without cannibalizing on-course, traditional golf play, off-course experiences have engaged new populations and re-engaged users who fell off (about half reported this being so). 

Off-course venues look like your X-Golf locations, Topgolf, driving range only venues like 21 Golf, and simulators in office or fitness facilities. Not only are they plentiful, they are fun. You can play in the dark and when it’s raining. Through the winter and too hot summers. With office friends after work or as part of an ongoing tournament akin to trivia nights. Young professional societies host clinics and get togethers and bring the joy (and frustration) of golf to a much broader array of users. 

95% of people surveyed said their experience at Topgolf makes them want to play more golf (NGF, 2023). They said it’s more approachable, social, and non-intimidating. Love or hate the gamification of the great game of golf, it’s what is going to bring new, soon to be lifetime golfers into the mix. 

Only one problem. How do we bridge the gap between off-course and on-course? There are still different shots to learn, etiquette and rules to follow, and game play to master before hitting the course for your first “real” round. How do we best introduce on-course golf to newcomers? 

V1 Sports has been around for nearly 30 years and seen evolution after evolution in the sport of golf. Two things have remained true. Video analysis is still one of the most impactful learning tools that everyone should have access to, and providing access great, well vetted instructional content is more important than ever. 

The V1 GOLF app is well posed for the not quite beginners but new to on-course golfers who will book their first tee time this year. The Master the Game premium series by the decorated Nancy Quarcelino takes you from driving to putting in an approachable, friendly format. There is a list of beginner focused drills covering bunkers and ball positions. Drills covering punch shots and shots from the trees help new golfers and seasoned pros get out of trouble, and drills for eliminating three putts can do wonders for improving your score. 

And if you never touch on-course play and continue to participate in golf only in off-course venues, improving your contact, gaining driving distance, and avoiding that pesky slice are all still important. Even if you’re just working on your swing to impress your boss or to avoid having to pay the bar tab at the end of the night, the V1 GOLF app has something for everyone. 

Top tier video analysis tools, handpicked drill content from expert golf coaches, and model swings from the best players in golf. The V1 GOLF app is here for you however you choose to play. 


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