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The Value of Practicing Where You Play with the V1 Pressure Mat

The Value of Practicing Where You Play with the V1 Pressure Mat

Great coaches and instructors are always looking for ways to have the practice environment mimic the performance environment, but in golf it’s just not possible to mimic an entire 18 hole course in a studio. Sometimes, poor swing mechanics only appear when footing is unstable in a sand trap or when hitting in long grass from the rough. This can leave coaches and golfers feeling frustrated when they’re not able to translate studio or driving range work on the course. 

This is where the ultra portable V1 Pressure Mat really shines. At under 10 lbs, the mat is light enough to take everywhere and the proprietary flexible pressure sensor design means it can be used on any terrain. One of the top PGA Professionals in the world, Cheryl Anderson, takes the V1 Pressure Mat on course with her when she plays with her students. She recalls when the value of the pressure mat revealed itself on a memorable practice round:

“I was working with one of my super dedicated students and she was getting frustrated with her driver yardage and felt like she was losing strokes because she wasn’t able to get in an aggressive position off the tee. We had been working on it for a while in the studio with different drills and finally went out to play. At the first hole, she was instantly frustrated again because she wasn’t feeling as strong as she was inside.

I pulled out the V1 Pressure Mat and had her swing on it at the second hole, and was able to review the trace instantly with the V1 Pro Mobile app. Sure enough, her trace was different on the course than her usual trace and she was jumping with her lead foot significantly enough to reduce her power generation. We corrected the movement with a few drills, then used the V1 Pressure Mat for the rest of the course to really engrain the change we had made. Thanks to the V1 Pressure Mat and V1 Pro Mobile app I was able to help my student instantly identify why she wasn’t seeing results.”

Want to see more of Cheryl Anderson talking about using the V1 Pressure Mat on the course? Here is a snippet from our Tuesday Traces series!

To learn more about the V1 Pressure Mat visit our website or contact us at support@v1sports.com.


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