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Throwback Thursday: Putting Perfection

Throwback Thursday: Putting Perfection

Find Your Rhythm

For most golfers a minimum of one third of their golf shots will occur on the green. This means that a subsequent one third of a golfer’s time should be spent practicing this fickle, and often frustrating movement. As the old saying goes, drive for show and putt for dough. Next time you hit the practice tee, leave some time for the flat stick. In this week’s Throwback Thursday video, V1 Sports ambassador and Director of Instruction at The Grand Golf Club Shawn Cox gives golfers a few tips on how to do just that.

Cox describes the drill as a re-set of the putting stroke, allowing for consistent speed and contact. Golfers have a tendency to have one length of backstroke for all lengths of putts. From that point forward, a deceleration or acceleration occurs, causing inconsistency and poor results.

To make more putts and shoot lower scores…take a look below.

Find Your Rhythm by Shawn Cox


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