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Throwback Thursday: Step Up Your Swing Speed

Throwback Thursday: Step Up Your Swing Speed

Need For Speed

Dreams of longer drives are common for all dedicated golfers. In most cases the ability to increase distance is limited due to the speed at which a golfer swings their club. Thus, golfers have to find a way to move the club faster more consistently if they wish to increase their length both off the tee, and in the fairway. V1 Sports Ambassador and Director of Instruction at Fox Hills Learning Center Jordan Young gives you the keys for a faster ride.

Young uses a drill he calls the “swing speed drill” to help the golfer understand, and more importantly feel how power is generated. Young flips the club over so that the club head is now the grip, and starts making a few relaxed practice swings. The golfer will feel the proper body sequencing that leads to increased swing speeds.

To increase your swing speed…take a look below.

Swing Speed Drill by Jordan Young


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