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V1 Pro App with Wireless BodiTrak Mat Quick Start /Guide

V1 Pro App with Wireless BodiTrak Mat Quick Start /Guide

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V1 Pro app with wireless BodiTrak on iOS

Updated Quick Start Guide (Assume V1 Pro app is already installed from the App Store. If not, get it by Clicking Here )

The wireless connections to the dataport (boditrak grey box) is via Wi-Fi. Works on any iOS device running 9.x.

Here are the steps:

1. On the iPad, go to Setting > V1 Pro > Enable BodiTrak WiFi is on (green)

2. With the iPad or iPhone connected to Internet, start the V1 Pro app. Enter your instructor’s email address, password and select “Remember my password” (green check) then select Login.

3. Please plug in the mat to the dataport. Connect the external AC charger to the dataport. Please power off then back on the dataport. (Green light should be on)

4. Setting > Wi-Fi: Dataport-XXXX should show up in 60 seconds. Once it does, please select.

5. Start the V1 Pro app, if/when prompted with a dataport selection screen, select “direct”

6. Select the camera icon in the upper right of the V1 Pro app, you should have live video with mat data.


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