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V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty on For the Love of Sports

V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty on For the Love of Sports

V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty was recently a featured guest on the For the Love of Sports podcast hosted by Michael Rasile. Catch the full episode here!

In the excerpt below, Bryan talks about how he found his way to V1 Sports and excitement for what he sees for the future.

*Some text has been edited for clarity during transcription

Michael Rasile:
What was it about [the V1 Sports] swing technology that got you up in the morning with a smile? What made you say “I want to help solve this problem and help as many people as we can with this?”

Bryan Finnerty:
I’m a teacher by nature and so I looked at [V1 Sports’] technology and said, it worked for teachers teaching students. But in any sport, golf in particular, only about 15 percent of people take a lesson. And so if you look at that market of 30 million people, 4.5 million in any given year taking the lesson, that leaves out a large majority of the market. But to your point, none of our golf swings are great, mine included and I’m constantly working on it. I was out on YouTube, I’m Googling stuff, I’m asking buddies, I’m on a fourth tee trying to get a swing tip from the guy who just piped it down the middle. Like, that is the worst time to try to ask for help!

Michael Rasile:
That’s such a perfect example though.

Bryan Finnerty:
Right! And V1 had a great foundation. We had 70 percent market share in teaching pros. So it was a good business model first. I said I’m a big fan of math, right? I believe math has no emotion, it never lies, and it always tells us a story. It’s an unemotional thing. And with V1, it was a great, very sound business financially. I like those kinds of businesses because it screams to me, optimization. That’s a business that could be optimized by tuning up some technology and really opening doors. And that was my job. I’ve got great people who make sure the operations in the company happens and my sole job today is to make sure the doors get opened and we’re constantly building relationships and working on places that we can expand. That’s how we got into baseball two years ago. We just closed on a partnership with Louisville Slugger which was huge for us. We’re gonna be probably in a thousand installations for them which is another great market mostly based in youth.

V1 Sports just felt like the right place. And you know, if you look at where we started six years ago and where we are today, it’s already ten-fold growth and we’re just getting started.

Watch the full episode of For the Love of Sports here:

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